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I will post 30 multi choice Question and I need help it short and easy so it shouldnt take long22. What is the motor acceleration at time t = 0 s? A) 25 rad/s/s B) 20 rad/s/s C) 600 rad/s/s D) 240 rad/s/s E) 6 rad/s/s 23. What is the motor steady state speed (after the acceleration has completed)? A) 110 rad/s B) 277 rad/s C) 400 rad/s D) 310 rad/s E) O rad/s 24. What is the motorcycle steady state speed? A) 240 m/s B) 120 m/s C) 22 m/s D) 69 m/s E) 36 m/s 25. What is the motor steady state current? A) 123 A B) 562 A C) 307 A D) 200 A E) 275 A 26. What is the motor stall current? (In other words, what is the motor current at a standstill?) A) 280 A B) 500 A C) 140 A D) 220 A E) 700 A 9 20. What is the required braking resistor resistance? A) 2.86 12 B) 1.33 12 C) 5.72 Ω D) 3.14 12 E) 3.27 2 21. If you wanted to capture that energy in a battery bank instead of burning it off in a braking resistor, what battery voltage should you design for? A) 48.2 V B) 64.1 V C) 44.3 V D) 51.0 V E) 52.7 V A DC motor is used in an electric motorcycle. Assume the motor is connected directly to the rear-wheel such that a motor speed of 1 rad/s is a wheel speed of 1 rad/s. The moment of inertia seen by the motor is 20 kg m². Assume that at time t = 0 s the motorcycle is at a standstill and 200 V is applied to the motor. The DC motor torque-speed curve for an armature voltage of 200 V is shown below, along with a load torque-speed curve of wind resistance. The DC motor parameters are k = 0.5 V/(rad/s), Ra = 0.212, and La = 2 mH. The motor cycle rear-wheel has a radius of 0.25 m. J:20 kg mi 500 motor load se 1 radis 450 3 400 v-2005 Rio.sul Crad/s) Ra-0.2 350 motor 300 load 를 torque (Nm) 250 0.25m 200 150 100 50 350 400 300 0 0 150 200 250 speed (rad/s) 100 50 8 Consider a DC motor hoist system, and DC machine equivalent circuit, as shown below. The com- pany using the hoist wants to lower a load and dump the power into a braking resistor. The braking resistor is simply a high-power resistive load that will be connected across the DC motor armature terminals. The DC motor parameters are kg = 2.5 V/(rad/s), Ro = 0.3 L, and La = 2 mH. The cable spool is 0.75 m in radius. The motor is connected to the cable spool through an ideal gearbox with a 30:1 ratio (30 rad/s on the motor side is 1 rad/s on the spool side). The load is 200 kg. The company would like the load to be lowered at a constant velocity of 0.7 m/s. RO La w jashox DC Motor Va er = Kewn I stoletjes 17. What is the load torque on the spool side of the gearbox? K6=2.5 Rans. 3 su A) 1,960 Nm B) 1,470 Nm C) 200 Nm - 0.75 $1.0.7 m D) 49 Nm E) 44,100 Nm 18. What is the load torque on the motor side of the gearbox? A) 65 Nm B) 1,960 Nm C) 200 Nm D) 44,100 Nm E) 49 Nm 19. What is the armature current during descent in steady state? A) 588 A B) 19.6 A C) 2.0 A D) 200 A E) 251 A 7 You have a European electric frying pan that is designed for 240 V RMS. You would like to use the frying pan at your home here in Corvallis, with your 120 V electric outlet. You have a 1:2 step-up 60 Hz transformer that should allow you to use the frying pan. The transformer schematic is shown below. Assume the primary terminal 1 is connected to the electric outlet, and secondary terminal 2 is connected to the frying pan. With the secondary open circuited, you measure a current of magnitude 2.0 A RMS drawn from the primary when connected to 120 V RMS at 60 Hz. Фm 7 + im + ei ei Lm 1 e2 N2 1 N_ N20 + e2 Ideal Transformer (a) (b) 10. What is N2/Nį? A) 1/2 B) 1 C) 0 D) 240 E 2 11. What is the magnetizing current RMS phasor Im? (Using the primary voltage as the refer- ence.) A) 339_90° A B) 60290° A C) 2.82 - 90° A D) 2402 - 90° A E) 2.02 - 90° A 4 6. A conductor of length 0.3 m is moving through a magnetic field of strength 1.3 T at a speed of 90 m/s. The conductor is carrying 12 A. The orientation of the conductor, the velocity, and the field are all orthogonal. What is the amplitude of the force induced on the conductor? A) 35 N B) 27 N B:13 T $ 90 m C) 1.2 N D) 4.7 N E) ON 7. Assume an inductor created with a toroidal core with a magnetic path length of l, a cross sectional area of A, and N turns. If the number of turns were doubled, the inductance would change by what factor? A) 1 (i.e., stay the same) B) 4 C) 2. D) 1/2 E) 1/4 8. Assuming the rated voltage is applied to the inductor above, if the core material permeability was changed to be twice as much (i.e., twice as permeable), the core flux density would be affected by what factor? A) 4. B) 2 C) 1 (i.e., stay the same) D) 1/2 E) 1/4 9. A DC motor has a back-emf and torque constant of ke = ks = 0.5 Nm/A. The armature resistance is 0.25 12. Assume the voltage drop across the armature inductance to be negligble. The rated applied armature voltage is 50 V. What is the motor stall torque at rated voltage? (In other words, what is the motor torque at zero speed when the rated voltage is applied.) A) 50 Nm kes05 NA B) 200 Nm -0.25 e C) 25 Nm - 50v D) 100 Nm E) 12.5 Nm 3 Purchase answer to see full attachment
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