PH6_Strategies and Ethics - Social Science
due 8/20/202 at 10amTOPIC: Strategies and Ethics As the director of the local public health department, you are preparing to conduct a town hall presentation. In it you will communicate the direction of the strategic plan. Your audience will include collaborative partners (invested stakeholders) such as academicians, health professionals, state health department staff, representatives from affected communities, and representatives from nongovernmental organizations. Recall that your Stakeholder Involvement in Evaluation Planning discussion in Unit 5 reviewed the planning and evaluation cycle (Figure 11-1 in your textbook). In addition, in that discussion you explained where in the cycle and how you would seek stakeholder involvement in evaluation planning. The town hall presentation is one such opportunity to do so. For this ASSIGN, do the following: · Identify the two specific strategies you described in the Stakeholder Involvement in Evaluation Planning discussion in Unit 5 to obtain active involvement in the development of an evaluation plan. · Align these strategies, and specifically name the types of stakeholders (for example, academicians, health professionals, state health department staff, representatives from affected communities, representatives from nongovernmental organizations, et cetera) who would be actively engaged in them. · Identify the likely assumptions of the named stakeholders regarding the health of the community. · Discuss how you can address these assumptions to ensure that feedback loops remain effective. · Include THREE academic references above 2017 · NO CONSIDERATION FOR PLAGIARISM · APA FORMAT AND INDEX CITATION · PLEASE WRITE FROM PUBLIC HEALTH PERSPECTIVE · Due 8/20/22 at 10am PART 2 · Do you agree with the assumptions identified? Dig a bit deeper and conjecture what assumptions may hold that underlie the statements made. · Conclude by stating how the assumptions you has identified and/or held are related to community health outcomes. In other words, how do perceptions/health beliefs affect health? · Include THREE academic references above 2017 · NO CONSIDERATION FOR PLAGIARISM · APA FORMAT AND INDEX CITATION · PLEASE WRITE FROM PUBLIC HEALTH PERSPECTIVE · Due 8/20/22 at 10am Below is FIGURE 11-1 ON PAGE 265 In the daily work of implementing a program, evaluation of intervention effects can seem like a luxury. The reality is that conducting an evaluation whose purpose is to identify whether the intervention had an effect requires considerable forethought regarding a broad range of issues, each of which has the potential to detract seriously from the credibility of the evaluation. The intervention effect evaluation deserves the same degree of attention during program planning as does development of the program interventions; ideally, it should be designed concurrently with the program. All too often, attention is focused on developing the evaluation only after the goals and objectives are finalized and the program is 1 Stakeholder Involvement In Evaluation Planning Student Name Institution Name Course Number Due Date Faculty Name Topic: Stakeholder Involvement In evaluation Planning Stakeholders are the people that are at stake on the evaluation. They are individuals that have interest in or are impacted by evaluation and its results. I would consider involving stakeholders in health program planning. Stakeholders have the ability to provide ideas and aidin the creation of potential solutions (Ferreira,et al., 2020). In most cases stakeholders are from various backgrounds; they therefore look at issues from various perspectives.this allows opposing viewpoints to be expressed and also discussed. Engaging stakeholders from the planning stage, maximizes the chance of project success through the final execution. They may as well aid in preventing unforeseen problems (Michnej, & Zwolinski, 2018). They have a great influence on the community of animal lovers, thus it is imperative to have an advocate instead of an adversary. I would consider facilitating stakeholder’s involvement through maintaining open communication. The stakeholders need to be updated on the organization’s core purpose. It is essential to be consistent in the messages, and use them to show employees how they fit in the plan as well as how their contributions have aided in shaping the decisions made (Smith, 2017). Individuals that know what is expected as well as how they contribute tend to be more engaged and committed in comparison to those that do not. It is essential to ensure that the stakeholders know where they fit in. engaging employees in the planning process aids in building ownership in the firm. References Ferreira, V., Barreira, A. P., Loures, L., Antunes, D., & Panagopoulos, T. (2020). Stakeholders’ engagement on nature-based solutions: A systematic literature review. Sustainability, 12(2), 640. Michnej, M., & Zwoliński, T. (2018). The role and responsibility of stakeholders in the planning process of the sustainable urban mobility in the city Krakow. Transport Economics and Logistics, 80, 159-167. Smith, P. A. (2017). Stakeholder engagement framework. Information & Security, 38, 35-45.
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