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I need help solving these problems attached below . it wont take too long to solve..2. (7 pts) Sequence numbers Fill out all missing sequence numbers in the following timing diagram Host A Host B Seqx100 40 bytes Segea 20 bytes Tesle 140 Timeout Interval HU ACKD X ACKC Seqd, e bytes Segat, 40 bytes Timeout Interval ACK 6/ 이 a= CE 140 b= 140 160 d=100 e= 40 #160 8200 160 3. (8 pts) Propagation, transmission, and queuing delays Consider sending 3 packets back to back, each of length L bits, from Host A to Host B. Assume, as shown in the figure below, that there is a Router between A and B. Suppose that the distance and the transmission rate between Host A and the Router are d meters and Ri bps, and those between the Router and Host B are d meters and R2 bps. Suppose the speed of propagation is s meters per second. Ignore all processing delays. Assume that all queues are of infinite capacity, and are all initially empty. Host A R1 d Router R2 d Host B (a) (2 pts) Express the total delay D, it takes to send the 1st packet from A to B as a function of L, d, s, R1 and R2 Total delay Di L + L R2 +2d 1 (2 pts) Suppose RI < R2. Express the total delay D3 it takes to send the three packets from A to B as a function of L, d, s, RI and R2. th td L R S 1 2 + + + + + 1SL 는 + ad S R 1 그 (c) (2 pts) Suppose Ri > R2. Express the queueing delay Q2 the 2nd packet experiences at the Router as a function of L, d, s, R1 and R2. 2 seconds L R. R2 12L + ХО (d) (2 pts) Suppose R1 > R2. Express the queueing delay Q3 the 3rd packet experiences at the Router as a function of L, d, s, R1 and R2. IBL R. 2L - + 22 хо (5 pts) TCP slow start Consider sending a large file over a TCP connection that uses a link of R = 3.2 Mbps. Suppose that this connection is the only TCP connection that the link is supporting, and that this link is the only congested link between the sender and the receiver. Assume that the round-trip time 0.4 seconds (RTT=0.4 seconds) the maximum segment size is 10000 bits (MSS=10000 bits), and the receivers receive buffer is much larger than the congestion window. Suppose that this TCP connection is in Slow-Start phase, and that the window size is initially set to 1 segment. (a) (1.5 pts) What is the maximum window size (in segments) that this TCP connection can achieve? Wings = 3.2 Mbps (217 Wx loooo - 0.4 d.5 3.2x106 W- 120 segments (b) (1.5 pts) How long does it take (in seconds) for the window to reach its maximum size? Recall that in Slow-Start, the window size is doubled every round-trip time. 120x404) = 24 seconds (C) Suppose when the maximum window size is reached, a timeout event occurs. i. (1 pt) What will be the value of the congestion window if TCP Tahoe is used? if TOP Tahoe is used The value is doubled Cony wind=1 segment. ii. (1 pt) What will be the value of the congestion window if TCP Reno is used? The value is halfed of TCP Reno is use that you find easy iv) Physical v) linu 1. (10 pts) Short-Answer Questions. (a) (2 pts) Name the 5 layers of the 5-layer Internet Protocol Stack. 2 i) application in Transport iii) Network (b) (2 points) List two differences between packet-switching and circuit-switching, Difference 1: In pachet. Switching dilectly data transfer takes place Difference 2: in circuit - switching Jata is processed at source system only. (c) (2 pts) What does store-and-forward mean? Explain in one sentence. entire must arrive 9+ the router before it can be transmitted next link 2 pachet ! on (d) (2 pts) Recall that EstimatedRTT(n) = (1 - a)EstimatedRTT(n-1) + SampleRTT(m). What problem will we have when a is too close to 1? Explain? 2 Transient fluctuations / changes in the network load affects the Estimated R&T and it makes it unstable it unstable when it should not. When a is tou to 9 Close (e) (2 pts) What does TCP Reno use as a sign of congestion? 2 3 dup ACKS in dicale network still copable of delieviring some segments after loss. Time out indicates more alarming alarming congestion scenario. 1 Purchase answer to see full attachment
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